The San Francisco Bay Area comprises of nine counties: Alameda, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Sonoma, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Solano, and San Mateo. This vast area provides for a wide arrange of real estate opportunities especially if you want to buy residential lots or commercial lots.

As always the case, location will always be a huge factor in determining the price of a particular piece of real estate. The Bay Area is definitely no different in that regard. At times, you will find similar style real estate properties in particular areas going for much more than in other areas. This especially holds true for income properties.

Income properties refer to property that generates commercial or residential rental revenue and other profits that are attributable to the property. Income properties are also termed as non-owner occupied property because it is property not used by the owner who earns profits by renting it out. These assets are brought primarily for monetary return despite the fact that the property can be utilized for other purposes as well. For example, properties that are bought at vacation locations are considered income properties despite being used by the owner for vacations and holidays.

A huge advantage of buying an income property on vacation locations are that all costs associated with development and improvements can be tax deductible to certain amount. Another huge advantage of buying income properties is that they can be used as a source of funding for those who need money for further investment.

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